Director: Alexander Lewis

Producer: Alexander Lewis and Ian Duncan (a production of Dial Films)

Cinematography: Jared Lombardo

Editing: Jared Lombardo

Starring: Ronnie Clark

Created by Hannah Cava

This music video was created through a contest staged by Dial Films.

The footage was compiled by the producers at Dial Films, Alexander Lewis and Ian Duncan – thematically similar yet oblique footage shot in two different locations: The Perish Trust, an antique shop in San Francisco co-owned by Rod Hipskind, and an empty house in Rocklin, CA. The footage was made available online to would-be editors around the world.

The contest was open to high school and college students only, and these students were invited to alter the provided clips in any way they saw fit – using something from each clip or from just a few. The editors were required to keep the song itself intact and “as is”. Cash prizes were offered for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, with the 1st place winner’s edit released online as the official music video for the song. 


Created by Bella Craddock

I wrote this song for my dear friend Lesley Poirier just before she passed away from cancer almost five years ago. Lesley was like a sister to me. She and I fell in love with San Francisco many years ago during the same time in our lives, and Bella's stunning montage of the city as a backdrop to my song makes me cry every time I watch it.